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Features for Your Campus

Here are just a few of the features we can build
to bring your community together.

Rich profiles

Invite members to create media-rich profiles with interests, hobbies, work experience, and more. Profiles can be downloaded to create a beautifully-designed, personalized CV in one tap.


Members can create and share blog posts, articles, and video content with others. Tag videos and view stories from other members to boost engagement and bond. Use (with permission!) member-generated content to fuel your social media channels and other marketing campaigns.


Post events, send out invites, organize ticket sales, and watch your community connect and grow. Bridge the gap between virtual community-building and real, shared experiences.

University-branded groups

Create online space for your university’s sports teams, a capella groups, student government, study groups and more – with your school colors. Invite your faculty to share resources, push thought leadership, and support one another.

Instant messaging

Send and receive messages freely and securely to individuals, groups, and event participants. Create chat rooms with groups and coordinate meeting up in-person. Nearby restaurant recommendations make it easy to take an in-app conversation offline.

Discussion boards, announcements, and forums

Capture your vibrant campus culture with announcements targeted to distinct communities.

Security and privacy

Flexible and rigorous privacy settings keep your members safe. Members can toggle on and off to make their profile visible or private. Any PII is encrypted, as is all messaging communications are encrypted in our database. Restrict access to the app at different levels. Require photo ID, email domain, or a specific phone number to safeguard access to the entire app.

Your app, your brand

The app is fully customized to look and feel like your brand at every touchpoint. Offer a great user experience from the app store listing to the onboarding process and beyond.

Coming soon!

We’re always building something new. Get in touch to learn more about these upcoming features.


Harness the collective intellectual power of your community. Ask for feedback using a quick and easy in-app survey tool. Get deeper consumer insights to inform your product development, workforce training, and make other key decisions that enforce trust in your brand.


Go beyond just sharing job openings. Build an app that connects other gig workers and market your community outside of traditional freelancing sites. We’re creating space for freelancers and other gig workers to share opportunities, get mentoring, and match with companies who are seeking a specific type of skill.


Your community, your brand: now, with merchandise. Sell your clothing and your mission. Connect people behind your social enterprise. Or, set up a service like tutoring, freelancing, or dog-walking and connect customers for cost-sharing, support, and more.